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Spring Racing

It's that time of the year again when Spring Racing is on and although I've been a few times already, I still get excited every time I go but the one problem is always deciding what to wear. It's basically one big fashion show to see who is wearing the best outfit and headpiece.

I'm not usually the type of girl to buy dresses because normally you can only wear them once so I opt for tops and bottoms that I can mix and match. This time I went I didn't have a lot of time to find something to wear so I rewore some old pieces in a different way to trick people into thinking its a new piece when in reality I don't have fancy cocktail clothes.

The Races is usually a classy and elegant event, not for girls to wear the shortest or most revealing outfit. I usually think of bright colours and floral and girly patterns/prints with big headpieces. The biggest trends this year would be pastels and prints which I saw many girls rocking on the day. I'm excited to go again when the weather is a lot warmer and so I can buy a cooler and bigger fascinator!

My top outfit picks would be:

What do you wear to the races?
xx Brigette

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  1. so magic look ;_))


    i invite to me too

  2. that bright dress is so gorgeous !




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