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Blue & White

As I've mentioned before I've become such a massive fan of long skirts but I've realised I'm obsessed with white skirts. I probably have more than seven variations of a white skirt and I doubt my obsession will stop there :p especially since I just bought one last week haha

I think I'm trying to steer clear of black because thats the easy choice when putting an outfit together since it matches everything. Probably also because I'm not usually feminine so its nice to be girly every now and then.

These photos were actually taken a while ago now but I've just been so lazy to put them up. I miss this type of weather where it was nice and warm because now its just cold with a little warmth in the afternoon (if you're in the sun). I don't even want to get dressed in the morning because its just cold and maybe because my room feels like Antarctica.

Can't believe its already the end of Autumn! I'm not ready for you Winter :(

xx Brigette

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 Brigette's Wearing

|  Blue Top from SES |  White Lace Skirt from HONG KONG  |  
 | Black Heels from RUBI SHOES |  White Bag  from ZARA | Sunglasses  from ASOS |


  1. You look so gorgeous ! Love the top with the skirt,so chic !


  2. wow!

    new post

  3. What a pretty look, absolutely fabulous.

  4. Love the colors & they fit you very well.
    And I am also not ready for autumn.

    Greets from Vienna

    Caroliny ❤



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