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I'm a massive fan of layering because you can play around with it and make new combinations and styles that aren't normal. Thats exactly what I did with this black and white dress. It's a nice dress that would look great by itself because of the interesting stripes and flare of the skirt but who likes normal :p Since I've been loving off the shoulder tops I thought of combining this top with the dress and it actually looked cool! (Okay, to be honest, I experimented with a few different tops at first hahaha and this one looked the best)

The thing that I love most about fashion is that you can create interesting and weird styles from anything if you're brave enough to try. If I had never thought of wearing the off the shoulder top with the dress, I would've just worn the dress like normal and it would still be nice but plain because anyone can wear a dress off the clothing racks but to style it is a completely different thing. Shops always sell the same clothes but everyone wears them differently which shows their own individual style. I could wear the same dress as Michelle but we would not look the same because our styles are still different in the end. Just have fun and try different things since fashion is not meant to be serious, it's meant to be playful and silly and even outrageous because thats what sets you apart from everyone else.

On another note, now that its approaching winter, I'll be layering a lot more! But I actually prefer to layer in the warmer weather because in winter you're all covered up so you can barely see the layers. Oh well.

Btw, hope Sydneysiders have been keeping warm and safe from the crazy storm we had recently! I heard there might be another one similar at the end of this week so be careful guys!

xx Brigette

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  1. awesome photos ; -))

    i invite to me too

  2. Layering is a real fun. I love your colour choice! The top really pops but merge well with that cute dress.

    Chariza M. | LE-VISUALISTE

  3. brigette I think you need to teach me how to layer because i have no idea hhaha



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