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Cheung Chau Travel Diary: Brigette

Hey guys, if you follow me on Instagram you would've seen that I went to Hong Kong about three weeks ago and since I'm super lazy I've only just gone through the photos I took while I was there. Unfortunately, I bought my new camera towards the end of my trip so I only took photos when I went on a day trip to Cheung Chau. We took the express ferry which took about 40mins from Central Pier which was super quick so we had more time to explore the island since we woke up late :p

When we arrived there, it was packed full of people and there were bicycles everywhere which is how a lot of the locals got around. There were stalls of food everywhere that sold fish balls, waffles, egg puffs, fresh fruit, and dried seafood, just to name a few. We sampled some of the local food but I wish we had the stomach to try everything because it all looked so yum :) The island is fairly small so you could probably explore it all in a day but we didn't have time to go everywhere.

We decided to go check out the Mini Great Wall (which in no way compares to the real deal) which is a nice trail that goes around the coast of the island. There were some odd shaped rocks along the way which were funny but since the sky was not very clear, the view was not as amazing as the coastlines back home in Sydney but it was still scenic.

We also checked out the beach while we were there and it seemed to be a popular place as there were a lot of people relaxing on the sand. After the beach we walked around the island into the back alleys where you could see how the locals lived (so simple and carefree). The sound of mahjong tiles and lively conversations filled the air as we wandered the back streets. It really makes you reflect back on our own lives and see how fortunate we are to have so many luxuries that we take for granted everyday.

We did so much walking that day since we didn't hire a bicycle but then again it would've been a pain to carry the bicycle up and down the stairs while we were on the trail, I guess it depends on what you decide to do on the island.

Since I've already been to Cheung Chau, I wouldn't say I would come back again (until I visit all the islands) since there are so many other islands I would love to check out but it is a nice place to visit that is still fairly close to Hong Kong for a day or even overnight trip. Next time I go back, I think I would check out another island and hopefully I can wake up earlier so I have more time to explore :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the spam of travel photos and let me know what other island you guys would recommend for my next trip.

xx Brigette

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  1. These photos are looking so incredible !


  2. Beautiful photos! please post more travel diaries because this is so nice

  3. Breathtaking! Like this post a lot!
    Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. So beautiful photos! I'd love to visit Hong Kong one day too:)

    xx Jane



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