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Hey guys,

The February month has been crazy mainly due to all my exams! I've had to 50%+ exams in the past two weeks and also I was busy celebrating for Valentine's Day and my birthday! February passes by so quickly! Why does it have to be the shortest month of the year :( Another exciting update is that I've recently moved to live in the city. It's definitely much more convenient since I work around the city but I'm still adjusting to the fast pace environment and doing my chores and buying groceries. All of this is so new to me! I guess it's time to grow up!

Anyways, with all these special events happening it's always important to have a dress ready in your wardrobe so that you're prepared for all occasions. I received this gorgeous dress from St Frock a while back during their Christmas party. It was so fun meeting the team and drinking those little fancy cocktails :P! The Brig and I even got to have a mini dress up trying on their latest collection. At the end of the night, I decided to go for this Atmosphere Maxi dress (White) because I love the femininity of the floral patterns and also the asymmetrical cut which shows off my legs.

Hope you guys liked my choice as well. What are you guys getting up to on the first day of March :P?

xx Michelle

Atmosphere Maxi Dress (White) - St Frock , Shoes - Wanted Shoes
Bag - Hong Kong 


  1. so cute ;-)

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  2. Wow this dress is looking amazing !




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