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The Audrey

I'm not too sure how many midi skirts I currently own but now I've started to expand my collection with Midi Dresses! I couldn't resist this particular dress because the name of the dress is called "The Audrey"! I love the name Audrey and Audrey Hepburn is my style icon so I just couldn't say no to it! 

I remember back in the old days I used to be obsessed with mini skirts and of course the shorter it was, the better! but as I am slowly ageing (depressing...) I'm starting to like longer length skirts/things because I like the silhouette of it. I like feeling classier and more elegant! 

Anyways, my holiday is ending very soon! I can't believe those 3 weeks just flew past like that. I thought I would be really productive during these 3 weeks in Australia, working on my blog and all that jazz, but I guess that didn't happen. Mainly because the boy is away overseas and Brigette is working everyday so basically no one is taking photos for me! 

However, I hope for the new year that Brigette and I can take our blog to another level and make further improvements. Things have been slowly filtering off because of the Christmas Break and New Year, it's time to get back into work mode!

I'm really looking forward to see what 2015 will bring! :) 

xx Michelle

| The Audrey Dress Black  from HELLO MOLLY FASHION | Belted Heels  from ZARA |
  Mouth Clutch from ASOS |


  1. You look amazing ! Beautiful dress ! And the pictures with the blue wall are great !

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