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Hey guys, can you believe its already 2015! I hope you all have a wonderful new year and that we can continue sharing our journey and adventures with you. I wonder how my style will change this year haha I sometimes find myself liking the things I swore I never will like before. For example, I used to only ever wear silver jewellery and I always told myself I would never buy gold because it doesn't suit me (I still don't remember why I thought that) but last year I found myself wearing more gold than silver -.- I guess as time goes by fashion changes whether you want to or not and you can never stay the same as you were a year ago.

I still find myself mixing a lot of prints and whenever I see prints I can't help buying it even though half the time I only wear it once or twice. Like this skirt I loved when I saw it but to this day I've only ever worn it once! :O I should learn to restyle old clothes otherwise I think my wardrobe will explode soon hahaha :p

I've also discovered I love incorporating my love for eating fruits onto my clothing and lately I've been eyeing this particular lemon clutch on ASOS so soon enough I'l probably own that too (when I cave in and buy it hahha).

xx Brigette

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