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Sunlight Seeker

Sunlight Seeker Sunlight Seeker

Hey guys, so its been a while since a blog post has been up! Its been a crazy month so we've both been very busy and we only...

Feeling Mint

Feeling Mint Feeling Mint

I'm not one to normally wear green and I think I probably have only one or two pieces of green clothing in my wardrobe ...

Blue & White

Blue & White Blue & White

As I've mentioned before I've become such a massive fan of long skirts but I've realised I'm obsessed wit...

The two of us

The two of us The two of us

Hi Guys! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend celebrating Mother's Day! I know for sure that I had an amazing Sun...

Giddy Up

Giddy Up Giddy Up

I'm a massive fan of layering because you can play around with it and make new combinations and styles that aren'...

Black and White

Black and White Black and White

Hey guys! Sorry that my face has been missing for a while at the blog. Life has been cray like how it usually is! When yo...

Skincare - Clearasil

Skincare - Clearasil Skincare - Clearasil

Hey everyone! Today's post is a little bit different to our usual posts because we're going to talk about skincare! When I was...

Off the Shoulder

Off the Shoulder Off the Shoulder

During summer I grew an obsession with off the shoulder tops and because of that I bought about 5-6 in differen...


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