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Penang Travel Diary: Michelle

Back in early October I travelled to Penang (Malaysia) to attend one of my friends wedding! And here I am blogging about it in December. I know it's quite delayed, apologies for that. But late is always better than never :P!

In addition to Penang, I also visited Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on this trip (travel diary coming soon!) and I must say Penang was my favourite city out of the three. The city's culture is so diverse with street arts in every corner, amazing local food and a combination of laid back village and modern architecture around the city. 

I was in Penang for three days but basically I only had 1.5days to explore the city as I arrived to the city late afternoon and spent most of my second day at the wedding. 

We stayed at the Royal Bintang Hotel which was chosen by our newly wed couple. On our first night, the boy and I headed out for some local Hawker Food. On our way, we walked through Little India and this is where we got to experience the diverse ethnic culture in Malaysia. I really enjoyed the Hawker Food in Penang, but I can't deny at some point I was quite worried that I would get food poisoning! I mean, they did serve drinks in plastic bags, where you literally drink from the plastic bag… But of course, we can't judge a book by its cover because it tasted delicious and I was fine for the entire trip.

Some of the Hawker food that I tried in Penang include: Curry Mee, Duck Noodle, Asam Laksa, Cendol and Char Kway Teow! I'm sure there are plenty of things that I still haven't tried. But so far, I'm quite impressed by the amount of food I had in a short span of 1.5days! I need to also mention that the food in Penang is hella cheap! Even for fine dining level (Kebaya at the Seven Terraces) only costed us $35AUD pp. 

My local friends also recommended some trendy destinations such as China house which was a single destination for wine, bar, nightclub, bar food, private dinning, stores you name it, they have it! Basically, if you rock up there, you're covered. I can say theres like 5-6 rooms in that one place and each place is designed with different themes for different purposes. I visited China House at night so I had dessert in one of the rooms and headed for a drink at the back bar with live music. 

The highlight of the trip would probably be renting out a bicycle in Penang and exploring the little streets of Penang. Since Penang, in particular George Town, is such a small city cycling is probably the best way to travel around. We road around the city along a street called Love Lane which had all these cute cafes and of course street art!

I would definitely love to visit Penang again one day!

Hope you enjoyed this post which is different from my usual outfit posts :)

xx Michelle


  1. The pictures are looking amazing ! Love that yellow dress so much !!

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