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Flower Power

I think I bought this particular pair of shorts many years back so I'm surprised it still fits me and is still in style hahhaa (well I think its still in style :p) These are probably the only high waisted denim shorts I own because I'm quite picky with denim which explains why I still do not own a proper pair of denim jeans but I can worry about that when Winter comes around.

Only a few days left until Christmas! How fast has this year flown by.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for following our blog and reading all the nonsense we write haha :) I hope next year we can get more creative and share new ideas through this blog.

xx Brigette

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 Brigette's Wearing

|  Floral Top from CHICABOOTI |  High Waisted Denim Shorts from GOLF PUNK  |  
   Cat Eye Sunnies from ASOS| Black Sandals from SPORTSGIRL | 

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  1. Gorgeous outfit ! Love the sunglasses and the top !

    Giveaway, win a So...? Fragrance gift set !



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