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Alleyways feat: Metallic Paws

Hello everyone! Here's another collaboration with another stylish and talented blogger Isabel from Metallic Paws. We definitely feel guilty for posting this collaboration so late (as per usual) . Our blogger girlfriends always seem to be ahead of us with posting :( Brig and I really have to get our blogging game up!

Anyways, this meet up/collaboration was from a few weeks ago when we met up with Isabel at Newtown to try out a new cafe called - Cuckoo Callay. We had a lovely catch up over life, work and a few other interesting personal topics which we shall keep secret (hehe). It's always amazing to find bloggers who share similar a fashion sense! As you can tell, we all love our colours and patterns but we've all added our own personal touches in styling these pieces.

It was definately a very fun shoot but we did have some difficulties shooting with Isabel as she is a very tall girl! (damn her) The brig and I both look like tiny little minions next to her :( we wish she gave us a few cm's so we would look less awkward next to her. Luckily, we were able to get some good shoots in the end. 

We can't wait to see Isabel and catch up again :)

Hopefully we will have more collaborations to come with other bloggers! 

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  1. fine pics ; -))


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