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It's a known fact that lines can help to create an optical illusion of a slimmer and taller figure or the opposite  (unforunately). Vertical lines have a slimming effect and horizontal lines will make you look wider. As you can see in this outfit there are lines everywhere! 

At first I was hesitant to choose these statement Perspex Gladiator Heels because of the horizontal lines which would potentially make my legs look wider. However, the lace up  design of the straps actually has an elongating effect! So I guess it's all about how lines the interact together to create the right optical illusion! 

This Geometric Knit Skirt also has an amazing silhouette. I adore skirts with a flirty flare cut because it always looks flattering.

Hoped you guys like this one :) 
xx Michelle

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| Rebecca Knee High Perspex Hee; Gladiator from BOOHOO |  White Top from Paper Heart | Geometric Knit Skirt from NINETYNINETYONE |
| Selma Bag (Pink) from MICHAEL KORS   Necklace  from FOREVER 21 

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  1. This such an edgy look ! Love the look !




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