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Monochrome Madness

I've been a bit lazy with blogging even though I haven't been that busy lately. This cold weather has made me just wanna snuggle in bed and watch tv shows :P so unproductive! But yay winter is finally nearly over so we can have nice warm weather again! Or at least warmer than the chilly weather where you have to be wrapped up like a dumpling to even be remotely warm!

On this rare warm day, I decided to wear a tshirt and skirt from Fashion Bloggerrr because you can never go wrong with monochrome. I love the simplicity of the tshirt. It's so simple yet eye catching because the black draws you in. The fringed skirt is of a suede like material and normally I'm not a fan of fringe but I like how its isn't extreme so I think I'm slowly becoming a fan :p This was such a quick and easy outfit to put together since monochrome is so classic.

Slowly waiting for more sunny days and warmer weather so I become less lazy! I miss warm summer days spent exploring new places where I don't have to wear a million layers and brave the wind to get from A to B.

xx Brigette

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 Brigette's Wearing
|  Black Box Shirt from FASHION BLOGGERRR |  Fringed Skirt from FASHION BLOGGERRR| Small Dog Pouch from MONKI | 
 |Blue Hat from RIVER ISLAND | Black Chunky Heels from BOOHOO |  Sunnies from ASOS | 


  1. I love everything about this outfit !


  2. The monochrome fad always has something good to offer. Love it! Plus I'm having hair envy with that long bob. Uhh! x

    LE-VISUALISTE : Fashion, Art, Lifestyle

  3. Love the fringed skirt ~ it's so cute and different these days :) hope the weather is doing you good!! X

    Chic Nikkie

  4. Love the skirt!! it is very special, I think it could be proper for different shirts, thanks for sharing!

  5. Really like this monochrome look,
    you can never go wrong with black!

    Take care,



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