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Usually when its winter I tend to gravitate towards wearing darker colours because the gloomy weather just makes me feel that way! But when I saw this pastel structured mesh top I just couldn't resist to purchase it! 

I'm not sure if I talked about this with you guys before but I have this issue with my reluctance to buy tops. I feel totally comfortable buying skirts, shoes, dresses and everything else but when it comes down to tops I get so picky about it! But this mesh top is an exception, I brought it instantly without second thought

If only every top made me feel this way then I wouldn't have such a head ache finding tops to match with my outfits every week :P

xx Michelle

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| Pastel Mesh Top from AVA |  White Pleather Skirt from FOREVER 21 | Flux Fur Jacket from KOREA | Reflective Sunglasses from GLASSONS  | Two-toned Clutch from HONG KONG Nude Heels from FOREVER 21 |


  1. This outfit is super cute and chic ! Love the colours !

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  2. wow how cool is your outfit love it

  3. Oh my gosh, good choice!! I love that top- it would be so pretty with white skorts too! I have a reluctance of buying clothes when shopping, haha. I'm fine with buying skin care products since I'm always thinking that I have to care for my skin; for clothes, I'm always thinking: I don't need it or I have something similar to that or I have to save money!!

    Have a great day!
    Chic Nikkie

  4. I love the outfit, your styling is great !!

  5. Love the top! I like how your outfits are so colourful!

    - Pris

    Cecil James

  6. love the top! the mix of pink, green and blue shade are very girly ^^


  7. Love the top! The colors and mesh make it look so fun. I also have the same issues with buying tops and I never realized it until now, haha. Also lovely blog!

    Neon Fox



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