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Loving Pastels

I bought this pastel purple blazer a few years ago when I was in Korea and I'm still wearing it to this day! Although it was barely warm enough for the freezing cold winter in Korea, it is perfect to wear in Sydney especially layered over jumpers to give a more polished look.

I thought I would step away from wearing blues this time and try out some warmer colours to hopefully make me feel warmer (half successful haha) and also because I really wanted to wear this plaid skort I bought a while ago but never found a top warm enough to match it with.

I'm still struggling with winter styling because I love wearing skirts and shorts but maybe I should start wearing stockings if it starts getting colder or just brave the cold (or possibly bring a portable heater with me everywhere :P or the best idea would be to travel to Europe or the US and enjoy the lovely sunshine and hot weather - oh how I wish I could).

xx Brigette

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 Brigette's Wearing
|  Lip Jumper from VALLEYGIRL |  Pastel Purple Blazer from KOREA | 
 |Plaid Skort from DREAM HOUSE | Black Heels from RUBI SHOES |  Sunnies from DOTTI | 


  1. fine look ;-)
    new post

  2. You look so lovely ! Love the coat and shoes !

  3. Everything is so perfect~ ahh, winter, winter! Don't let it stop you from wearing skirts if you love them! Stockings or knee-length socks may work against the chill! Winter in Australia can't go as bad as in Canada.. right? We go almost down to -30 degrees ~ brr!! I'm enjoying summer right now but winter edges near quickly. >.<" Have a great week! X

    Chic Nikkie

  4. I love your take on wearing pastels and the way you tie it into the Fall/Winter season. Your look is definitely unexpected but in a good way!

    Neon Fox



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