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I have a thing for cute and weird prints so I couldn't resist this pineapple jumper when I saw it on the rack in the shop. Actually I just realised the jumper and skirt is from the same shop haha but I didn't buy them at the same time. The skirt was just LOVE at first sight. I saw it in grey and black but decided that grey was more interesting as you can see the detailing more clearly. I love how it has the flaps to make it a high-low hem but I wish the pockets were real!

Lately I keep buying bottoms! I've amassed a huge collection of skirts and shorts and some pants but no tops to match them with! I can buy bottoms so easily but when it comes to tops I'm so hopeless. I should at least start buying some basics to match them with otherwise I can't wear all these lovely new clothes. That would be such a shame! :(

xx Brigette

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  1. nice skirt !!= DDD
    i invite to me too

  2. You look amazing ! I love the skirt so much ! Such a cute bag too !

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  3. oh wow I love that jumper it is so super adorable.



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