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One year ago

Thoughts about blogging from the two after one year. 
Credits: Vienna 

It's really rare for you guys to see the two of us together in photos and it's mainly because we take photos for each other and we secretly hate each other … joking joking. But its undeniable that having a joint blog means that there are different personalities and perspectives and there are definitely times when we don't agree with each other on certain things! But that is the best part of having each other as well because we will always find ways to make things work and reach an agreement for the better!

It's funny thinking about how we got this blog started. The two of us were just eating ice-cream at N2 like any other day and complaining about what we were doing with our lives. At that moment, we decided to stop complaining and start getting serious about our dreams. We agreed on the blog name together and starting blogging instead of just posting pictures on Instagram or Facebook and Woola! Here we are today! It's just surreal to see how much we've achieved throughout this year, meeting so many talented people and collaborating with different amazing brands. 

We still have so many things to learn and improve on, but so far we're really happy the way we are.

We look forward to another exciting year and stay tuned for more from the two of us ;) 

xx Michelle & Brigette

Brigette's Wearing
|  Spotted Shirt from FOREVER 21 |  Criss Cross Skirt from LOVING THINGS | Denim Jacket from VINTAGE | Spike Hat from GLASSONS |  
 |Reflective Glasses from HONG KONG | Wedge Sandals from SPORTSGIRL | Milk Carton Bag from SINGAPORE | Arty Ring from YSL | 

Michelle's Wearing
| Pattern Tank Top from BLOSSOM |  Floral Asymmetrical Skirt from ZEITGIEST | Trapeze Bag from CELINE | Black Ankle Boots from ZARA  | Accessories from SPORTSGIRL LOVISA |


  1. Both looks are gorgeous ! Love the photos too !



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