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Grids and Stripes

Black and White for easy styling

Grid Top from HIPSTER
Striped Shorts from HIPSTER
Studded Hat from GLASSONS
Movie Take Clutch from HONG KONG BOUTIQUE
Tbar Heels from FOREVER 21

Whenever I'm in a rush to find an outfit, I always resort to black and white as it is a classic combination. You can't go wrong with monochrome! And also because I don't have much colour in my wardrobe hahaha :P

Anyways for the past few weeks I've had this hat pretty much stuck to my head and these tbar heels stuck to my feet! They are so versatile and match everything. The hat helps me hide bad hair days and the heels are comfy and stylish so I'm pretty sure you guys will be seeing a lot more of them in the blog haha.

I fell in love with this clutch I found in a Hong Kong boutique. I walked past it a few times and in the end I couldn't leave without buying it. It's so cool but not very practical as it is very narrow, making it hard to store a lot of things inside but at least it will force me to carry less junk in my bags haha.

xx Brigette

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  1. nice hat !! ;-))


  2. LOVE the look ! The shorts, the shoes and the clutch are great !

  3. Heeyyy brigette!
    Loving this outfit! THE CLUTCH IS SO COOOL :D I thought it was just a prop until i read the outfit details haha



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