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I love fashion. Well what girl doesn't? I love the art of mixing and matching prints and patterns. I love the combinations you can create out of nothing. I think that's where my love of fashion comes from. The endless possibilities we can create. You can dress up a casual outfit or dress down a formal outfit. There are days where I get lazy and just wear a simple tshirt but I add some accessories and the outfit is no longer ordinary. To me, its magical. I don't know if you guys think of fashion in the same way as I do but to me its also an expressive outlet. It helps me express how I feel without even saying a word. I love to be spontaneous and clash prints but I also love to be plain and simple, depending on my mood. I especially love quirky items, maybe because I am a bit weird myself :p

For this outfit, I decided to finally wear my grid blazer that I fell in love with but never wore -.- I always tend to do that! I actually thought it was a bit oversized for me after I bought it but after wearing it again, I realised it was probably all in my head. It was fine and it complemented an otherwise boring outfit. I'm also loving the shorts that I'm wearing :D They were a sample piece and I'm so glad I saw them! Definitely one of my favourite bottoms but since winter is approaching, I may have to match it with some jumpers to brave the cold! :(

xx Brigette

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  1. Soooo beautiful *__*



  2. nice hat !!; >>


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  3. Love this outfit ! The jacket is so gorgeous !



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