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Flowers For Me

Laced Dress  from H&M
Pointy Studded Heels  from ZARA
 Black Bag from HONG KONG
 Assorted Rings/Bracelets from LOVISA, CK JEANS, PANDORA and HERMES

I always think that it is important for every girl to have a staple feminine lace dress. This lace dress from h&m is the perfect example. The dress is sexy, feminine and flirty but not over the top. It's almost like lingerie but you can wear it out :P Initially, I wanted to match this dress with some black ankle boots to toughen up the look a little bit but I still went back to my good old pointy heels which never fails to  polish up the whole look. Don't ask me why I am holding flowers, I randomly scabbed them from Brigette's room before we left for this shoot because I thought it would create this whole "date night" kinda vibe haha. I guess it does help in giving the perfect finishing touch :P!  

xx Michelle

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xx Michelle 

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  1. so cute look ;0)


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