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Dear Stanley

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 Nude Detailed Blouse from Korea
White Leather Skirt from Forever 21
Pointed Strappy Heels from Betts Shoes
Tiger Studded Clutch from Hong Kong

On a random Sunday afternoon my boyfriend decided to take me to Stanley ("赤柱") which is a village-town and tourist attraction. The visit was a last minute decision since we woke up really late that day and we only lived 15minutes away, so why not? :) I guess last minute decisions are not always so bad since I really enjoyed my day exploring the natural side of Hong Kong. It's a pity that we only got to look around for a short 1-2hours since the sun was already starting to set at 4.30pm. Nonetheless, the sunset and the warm weather made it extra romantic for the day. We finished the day off with a delicious burger from Cafe Grouchos which is a western outdoor hamburger and hotdog restaurant. I would definitely visit it again since the food was affordable and you get to appreciate the beautiful landscape while eating. Hopefully my next visit to Stanley can be longer :) 

xx Michelle

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