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Roses Again

Michelle's wearing:
 Black Hat from
Button Down from H&M
Rose Detailed Skirt  from China
Laced Heels "Gillie" from Windsor Smith  

Hello from Hong Kong everyone! It's nearly a week since I got here and I'm still trying to adjust to the air and the fast-paced environment. I can't deny that I'm quite homesick even though I do come back to this place on a yearly basis. I guess its mainly because Hong Kong cannot compete with Australia in terms of its fresh air and clear blue skies! As you can tell from these scenic pictures that Brig and I took on our little sunday adventure to the Bare Islands at La Perouse! Isn't it just so beautiful? Nonetheless, I've really been enjoying the amazing food and late night shopping at Hong Kong! I think I'm going to gain a few kilos in no time :(

Anyways, I decided to name this post "Roses Again" because of this particular rose skirt. I've worn this skirt before in one of our earlier post. I think the post name was called Rosetta. Don't ask me why I made up such a word but at that time I thought it was pretty damn cool! haha now looking back at the old post I've come to realise how much we've improved in terms of photography (I'd like to think that way!)  I'm just so glad Brigette and I have come such a long way and dedicated ourselves to this little space just for the two of us! I'm missing her so much since we are separated and can't do these fun photo shoots anymore :(

It's also been quite difficult to find a proper outfit for ootds since I only brought a few basic pieces to Hong Kong and I've been quite picky with my purchases this year! But I promise it won't be too long!

Talk soon in my next post :)

xx Michelle

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