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Ripped (again)

Brigette's Wearing
Black Sheer Camisole from GLASSONS
Ripped Denim Mini Skirt from ICE
Open Back Pointed Heels with Ankle Strap from ZARA
White Bag from SPORTSGIRL
Sunnies from SAGE SYDNEY
Cuff from TOPSHOP

I'm not usually the type to wear camisoles or anything that is remotely low cut but Summer is nearing and I thought why not give it a go for once. I might also have been persuaded by the sexy lacy pieces I saw every time I walked into Zara :P except mine doesn't have lace :( Anyways I decided to pair the black camisole with my new ripped denim skirt for a more casual look. I had actually been eyeing an asymmetrical denim skirt for a while but the one I wanted didn't have my size so I kept my eye out every time I went shopping. I think I've started to have a little obsession with denim! My little collection is growing hehe :)

Also I finally had a chance to wear my new cuff from TOPSHOP yay!  I love how it gives the illusion that there are two bangles when it is actually just one and when you flip it around, the style changes so you can wear it two different ways. I'm always a sucker for accessories :P

xx Brigette

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