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Last Sunday Michelle and I went on a little date because well she's leaving me for 3 months!!! She's actually on the plane right now as I type this :'( I'm so sad but also very excited for her to travel around during that time. But I wish I was travelling with her because that would be so much more fun! One day :(

Anyways we set off to La Perouse (a little adventure because we didn't really know our way haha) and we finally made it after some fail GPS directions. We had lunch and then set off to explore the area since we both had never been. It was quite busy but that was probably because it was a Sunday and the area is a tourist area. We also saw two weddings! Popular place :P haha. La Perouse is beautiful and scenic especially since we went on such a nice sunny day. We actually had a nice photographer lady help us take some photos and give us tips when she saw us taking photos individually which was very helpful for us. She was so kind!

Overall it was such a fun day with the bestie but also the last day I see her for this year. Sad times especially since this time she's going away for 3 months and not just the usual month. I guess with work commitments it makes it really hard for me to be as flexible as her right now but as usual time will fly and she'll be back very soon! Yay! And I'm sure she will have endless amounts of photos to show me when she's back. It'll probably make me so jealous that I contemplate quitting work to travel haha jokes :P

Have a safe trip Michelle. I'll miss you :(((

xx Brigette

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  1. Love this look ! This is so freaking cute !



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