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Grids & Florals

Michelle's wearing:
 Sunglasses from Dotti
Grid Tank Top from MINK
Grey Floral Pants from Zeigeist
Studded Clutch from Sportsgirl
White Heels from Zara 

Today's outfit is quite simple and chilled. I wore this outfit the other day when I went to brunch (yes I know brunch again) at a place called Mudspuds cafe which is located at Surry Hills. It's one of my favourite places to eat because I love potatoes so much and also because Surry Hills is THE PLACE for ootds. I always like to ninja into the little alleyways after brunch to snap pictures because it allows me to pose freely without feeling like a retard when people walk past. 

Basically all of the accessories in my outfit are new... including my sunglasses, the clutch and the heels.  I think I've been letting loose in shopping these past few weeks because of exams! (its a stress-relief) Ahhhhh :( How can you say no to sales? Nonetheless, my favourite piece in my whole outfit would definitely be my grid monochrome tank top. I've been wearing it non-stop since I brought it. It matches with everything! This also made me realise that I barely have any plain tops in my wardrobe. I think I need to invest more in those. :P Guess more excuses to shop for me then! 

xx Michelle

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  1. Really really love the outfit , the shoes are fab !

  2. love everything that you are wearing pants specially
    thanks for dropping by my blog I'd love to follow you :)



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