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Creeping in Alleyways

Brigette's Wearing
Black and White Grid Top from BLOSSOM
White Skirt from PAPER HEART
Blue Skull Clutch from MYER
Black Creepers with Blue Fur from HONG KONG BOUTIQUE

I love art. Especially street art. I love the excitement of seeing something on the street that some people might not take a second look at. I find that more exciting than going into a museum or art gallery (but I do enjoy that too).

I was in Bondi with the boy and we decided to eat some Ben & Jerry's by the beachside, so we parked our car and as I was waiting for him to put money in the meter I saw a little alley with bright graffiti. How could I resist not taking photos :P but the ice cream was starting to melt so we didn't stay there for long :( Maybe I should've eaten the ice cream as we took photos haha

Btw first time I wore my creepers out in Sydney. Its a bit depressing that it's taken me this long to wear them! I got them from a boutique last time I was in Hong Kong and they were only 90HKD! What a bargain. They have this cool blue fur on the front of the shoe which makes them more unique and less plain but the most awesome thing about them is that they give me height! Yay :D

xx Brigette

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  1. Love the look so edgy !

  2. Heyy doll, I love your blog.. Would you mind looking at mine please? I'm new on here! Btw I love this outfit, soo modern chic



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