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Fantasy Floral

Michelle's Wearing
Rose Collar Tip Shirt from Hong Kong
Purple Sweater from H&M
Floral Skorts from Hong Kong
Floral Headpiece from Sports girl

WOW its been a while since I posted. Thought I'd share a little bit about my personal life in this post! I'm finally reaching the end of my semester break before uni picks up again. Exam results just released last week and I was thrilled to have passed everything! Next semester will be my final semester at uni. Can't believe 5 years flies by so fast. I wonder how its going to be like next year when I start my full time work. After realising that my university is nearly over, I also realised that personal style may also fade away because I won't have the opportunity to be wearing casual clothes anymore!

For example, how am I going to wear my favorite pinks, florals, statement t-shirts to work! A little just died within me :( I must swear to myself that even when I start working professionally next year I need to keep my own personal style in my work outfits. But depressingly, even on Fridays my work is relatively conservative with their casual Fridays. With this in mind, I decided to overload with my favourite florals in this outfit! Hope it's not to extreme for you guys haha

Anyways, uni is starting soon again next week! I will be having 5 days of uni a week (one of the days is Saturday!) because I am overloading in order to finish on time! Fingers crossed that all goes well and I hope to continue posting regularly on this blog as well :)

xx Michelle

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  1. Congrats on passing and being that much closer to graduating :) I love the collar tipped shirt, really compliments the rest of the look!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. Oh my~ I love the floral patterns~ ^_^ It's so cute and looks really good on you~

    Followed you on GFC~

    mind check my blog out? I'm new >.<

  3. Congratulations dear! Time does pass by in a whirl. And props to you for wanting to have your style shine through no matter what the occasion. That's what true style is all about.
    Also, if not for your sweet comment on your blog, I never would've found yours. It's a stunning one, I must say.

    Much love, Rach xx
    LUCID STARS // Bloglovin'

  4. Pretty colours, love the detailing an especially the collar

  5. It's such a pretty outfit Michelle! Love the floral :)
    Ooh congrats on passing everything hehe, high five! I love that feeling of knowing that you've done enough to succeed :D

    Fingers crossed with next semester
    I overloaded last semester and that was tough - hope it all goes well xx

  6. Whta a pretty look, I adore the shirt with the details on the collar!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! This is such a cute pastel look :) Good luck with your last semester of school!! That's very exciting :)

    XO J

  8. Fun collar.

  9. Great outfit!
    Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC and Bloglovin =)

  10. Woo, congrats! Love your shorts, they're super pretty xxx

  11. Loving all the floral, especially your blouse, it's super cute! Congrats on passing everything, and good luck with your last semester.

  12. A style to die for! You're a darling. Yes, keeping in touch would be lovely.

  13. I love this ultra feminine look! And congrats on finishing up your exams, and best of luck for your upcoming semester! :)

  14. Love this floral look!
    ciao from Italy


  15. Love the look ! So cute !

  16. such a sweet look. I am obsessed with collars<3

  17. so sweet!!!
    want to follow each other?

  18. That looks like a mixture of Japanese and European fashion, so cute!

  19. your top with the collar is too cute! and definitely a nice new look of your blog. refreshing and clean design for sure!
    Sparkle & Chic



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