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House of Quirky Warehouse Sale Haul

Despite the ugly weather over the weekend, I managed to go to a warehouse sale called "House of Quirky" with two high school friends at Moore Park. The sale stocked brands such as MINKPINK, Evil Twin, Somedays Lovin, Staple the Label, Hunt No More, Paint it Red, Quirky Circus and Lost Girls.

We set off in the morning and tucked into some delicious crepes to give us energy to shop since we hadn't eaten breakfast. When we arrived at the hall, it was a complete mess. Boxes of clothes were positioned around the room with clothes scattered all around the floor while some hung neatly on racks which made it easier to go through.

I did a lap around the room and finished empty handed. I was a bit sad when my friends returned with an armful of clothes. I set off to do another lap and properly looked through the boxes and clothes on the floor. This time I managed to pick up a few items but when I went to try them on, they were either too big or too small, so I was sad yet again. I think I must've circled the room and sifted through every single pile of clothes about 20 times just to make sure I didn't miss out on anything. Near the end I managed to spot a maroon coloured jacket and a black tweed jacket from a pile of clothes. Jackets were an extremely rare to find at the sale! I saw people with blazers and other jackets but I never managed to find any until that joyous moment. I actually hadn't even noticed the black jacket until my friend asked what's that while I was rummaging through the pile. Luckily it didn't fit her so that was a bonus for me! :)

After three hours, I only managed to score 4 items but I was very happy with them all and don't regret a single one. My friends however left with over 10 items each, they were extremely happy! Maybe I'm just picky haha. We all left with sore arms from holding the clothes on one arm while looking through clothes with the other but it was all worth it to go home with new goodies!

Top (L): Maroon coloured military style coat by Staple the Label
(R): Black tweed blazer by MINKPINK
Bottom (L): Aztec carpet print skirt by Subtitled
(R): Sequin scoop skirt by Hunt No More

Cannot wait to wear these new clothes! The jackets are perfect for the cold winter days so hopefully can show you guys in upcoming posts.

So what are your best finds at warehouse sales?

xx Brigette
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  1. everything's pretty! 4 items are amazing already!


  2. I love what you found! Those jackets are going to be so versatile

  3. WOW! I really like all! ♥
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  4. great inspiration for the summer!!
    I love your blog, now following! <3
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    Much love! -Bobby

  5. Great picks, love these skirt's and dresses!:)

  6. wow, amazing post!
    love it

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  7. Your blog is sooo nice!
    I'm following you for sure <3
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    Enchanted Ana

  8. Cute skirt! I love all these skirt <3 Supercool !

  9. very nice blazer!!! great scores on those!

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  10. That sounds great. I have never heard o f this particular warehouse so I must check it out.

  11. The jacket looks amazing!! By the way your blog is awesome!!
    Would you like to each other!? Let me know :)

  12. all the stuff is very cool!


  13. Love your blogposts sooo much! You're sooo pretty! :) Followed you too! :) Hope you can check out my blog and follow me back! :)

  14. I love your style! :)

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  15. love all of them, dear!

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    love, Yulia

  16. Such amazing pieces.
    Love the colors.
    Great post :)



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