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A sentimental piece

A sentimental piece A sentimental piece

There's no better way to celebrate friendship then matching jewellery.  Jewellery is such a sentimental piece since it's so perso...

Hawaii Love Affair

Hawaii Love Affair Hawaii Love Affair

It's always hard to recover from post-holiday blues. In particular, if it's a breath-taking city like Hawaii. I'm s...

Flared Pants

Flared Pants Flared Pants

One of my current obsession lately are Flared Pants. It's funny to see how trends come and go. I still remember when I was in...

Spring Racing

Spring Racing Spring Racing

It's that time of the year again when Spring Racing is on and although I've been a few times already, I still get excited every...

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats Ballet Flats

A girl can never have too many shoes! Especially ballet flats which are essentials for day to day wear because lets be real, who can wea...


Soludos Soludos

A few months back I came across a brand of shoes called Soludos who have the cutest espadrille designs varying from yummy foods like avo...

A Striped Affair

A Striped Affair A Striped Affair

Stripes are an essential in any wardrobe. It's the perfect thing to chuck on when you're lazy or in a hurry to go out bec...


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